Ashtead Technology Acquires Aqua-Tech Solutions In Gulf Of Mexico

  Ashtead Technology has today (24 th April) announced it has acquired Louisiana based subsea equipment rental and cutting services specialist, Aqua-Tech Solutions, as part of the company’s international growth plans in the USA. Read More

Oil Industry News: What You Need To Know

As signs of China's economy stabilizes, oil prices rose to $61 a barrel in the New York area. Investors are optimistic a breakthrough will happen soon as the two countries have resumed talks recently. Read More

8 Unspoken Hallmarks Of Modern Leaders

   Leadership, or simply the word “leader” has become somewhat cliche in our present time.  It is something that was once only looked into learning if one had some great and worthy purpose to achieve or a group of people that needed guidance to conquer insurmountable odds.   Read More

Look For Our Cavi-Crawler At This Year's SubSea Expo

    Each year, the world’s largest annual subsea exhibition takes place in Aberdeen, Scotland. Read More

Aquatech Hydro: Who We Are, What We Do, And Why We Are The Best!

Read More

Dirty Or Barnacle Infested Marine Equipment? The Mini-Mag Can Help!

Last week, we ran a demo of our brand new Mini-Mag Crawler, which we wrote about here. In this post, we wanted to show a few videos of the demo and explain in a little more depth what our Mini-Mag Crawler is all about. Keep reading to see it in action!  Read More

MiniMag™ Crawler + AquaTech Cavitation Unit = A Thing of Beauty

   If you aren't familiar with what a cavi-crawler or a cavitation unit are, then you have come to the right place. Let's start with the basics, shall we? Read More

ATS Hydro Team Completes Pipeline Service Project

Before and after shots of the Aqua-Tech Hydro Team Getting it done! 20" pipe cut and beveled.  Read More

Our 36 Inch Diamond Wire Saw Has Been Busy!

If you have ever wondered how pipe is removed or cut through while remaining submersed under water, have a look at how the experts at AquaTech get it done. Read More

Aqua Tech Participates in Historic Event Involving Ex-St. Louis (LKA-116)

 This year, Phoenix International asked us to partner with them on a historic project to cut the prop off of the  Ex-St. Louis. We could not have been more grateful for the opportunity to take part in this historic event.  Read More

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