MiniMag™ Crawler + AquaTech Cavitation Unit = A Thing of Beauty

   If you aren't familiar with what a cavi-crawler or a cavitation unit are, then you have come to the right place. Let's start with the basics, shall we? Read More

ATS Hydro Team Completes Pipeline Service Project

Before and after shots of the Aqua-Tech Hydro Team Getting it done! 20" pipe cut and beveled.  Read More

Our 36 Inch Diamond Wire Saw Has Been Busy!

If you have ever wondered how pipe is removed or cut through while remaining submersed under water, have a look at how the experts at AquaTech get it done. Read More

Aqua Tech Participates in Historic Event Involving Ex-St. Louis (LKA-116)

 This year, Phoenix International asked us to partner with them on a historic project to cut the prop off of the  Ex-St. Louis. We could not have been more grateful for the opportunity to take part in this historic event.  Read More

What Is A Commercial Diver?

A commercial diver is a professional who is paid to go underwater to do specific tasks. There are a number of areas that a commercial diver can work in, such as construction, retrieval, maintenance, inspection, welding, repairs, deep sea exploration, oil and gas, and photography. Commercial divers typically work for construction, engineering, shipping, and oil companies. The most common job for a commercial diver is to work for offshore oil and gas exploration and production companies. Read More

Aqua-Tech Hydro Services Now Offering Pipeline Specialty Services

With the launch of Aqua-Tech Hydro Services, we are excited to bring our clients several pipeline specialty offerings. Our Aqua-Tech Hydro Team Lead by Marlon “Shorty” Haynes, Darin Desormeaux, Gwen Viator, Rex Angelle and a Team of dedicated employees is earning a solid reputation in the pipeline services industry! We provide hydrostatic testing, pipe inspection, torquing, cold cutting, prepping, rentals, commissioning and decommissioning anywhere in the US. We now have offices in Houma, LA, Broussard, LA and Odessa, TX, Read More

How Subsea Cavitation Cleaning Revolutionizes The Diving and ROV Industries

  The Demand for Cavitation Cleaning Driven by demand from our clients for cavitation cleaning (instead of traditional high pressure water blasters, grit blasters and brushes), Aqua-Tech Solutions developed an industry-leading product line in response. Read More

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