How Subsea Cavitation Cleaning Revolutionizes The Diving and ROV Industries

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The Demand for Cavitation Cleaning

Driven by demand from our clients for cavitation cleaning (instead of traditional high pressure water blasters, grit blasters and brushes), Aqua-Tech Solutions developed an industry-leading product line in response.

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By the summer of 2010 we built our first ROV Cavitation unit we named the Aqua-Cavi.  Since then we’ve built several different styles for both the Commercial Diving and ROV industry.  We’ve become experts in building these power packs and nozzles meeting the challenges head-on for a full range of working depths and environments.  Our Aqua-Cavi’s have been rented and sold to all regions of the world with great success.  In 2017 Aqua-Tech Solutions joined forces with Alpha Subsea, a leader in subsea manufacturing. Together, we offer our clients more capabilities and products.

Here’s How Our Aqua-Cavi’s Work

Our units range from 3000 – 6000 PSI.  When the water enters the gun it creates a intense shockwave of microscopic bubbles.  The combined water pressure and bubbles quickly and efficiently remove marine growth from the surface without damaging the surface.  The Aqua-Cavi is used to clean offshore production and drilling rigs, pipelines, hauls, chain, fishing nets, dams, culverts, drains and wind farms. Cavitation is much safer and efficient for cleaning marine growth than traditional blasters and brushes, and we think you’ll agree that our best-in-class units (available to rent or purchase) can handle whatever task you face.

Want to know more? Click here to get an equipment quote today, or visit our manufacturing partner, Alpha Subsea.

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