8 Unspoken Hallmarks Of Modern Leaders


 Leadership, or simply the word “leader” has become somewhat cliche in our present time. 

It is something that was once only looked into learning if one had some great and worthy purpose to achieve or a group of people that needed guidance to conquer insurmountable odds.

Today, everyone wants to be a “leader” but many have no purpose for doing so beyond their own egos. 

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But, if one happens to find themselves in a position that they are called to partake in, and they just so happen to be the “least worst” candidate for the job, then it may behoove them to pay attention to the actions and habits of some of our modern leaders.
If there is one thing that the modern leadership pundits don’t want you to know; it is the fact that leadership cannot be taught. Yet, it can most assuredly, through much action and hardship, be learned.
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So, how would one go about learning leadership?

A possible route may be to pay attention to what some of the most successful leaders DO−not simply what they say.
Below, we touch on eight of the common actions (physical and mental) that the modern leader would be wise to adopt in their daily approach to leadership.

1. They understand that their physical health is a huge determinant of their success.

Look around your own office, your local circles, or even our celebrity leaders and what you won’t find very much of is obesity in the best leadership circles.
Coincidence? Surely not. 
If you cannot control what you put into your mouth given your current stress level and mental state, you can never lead others to controlling themselves. Self-mastery is the key pillar when it comes to leading others.

2. They have rituals sewn into their daily routine.

Modern leaders do not approach their day haphazardly. Most of the successful executives and entrepreneurs have some non-negotiable rituals that they will NOT forego as they attack their passions and accomplishments.
Figuring out what rituals serve your purposes best and sticking to those habits relentlessly moving forward will provide some of the best Return On Attention that you can come across along your journey.

3. They are relentless

When times get tough, conversations get difficult, and motivation dwindles, the mediocre quit.
They are the first ones to attribute their successes to themselves but their failures are almost always due to their team, the market, or bad luck.
Leaders don’t quit. They don’t trudge along mindlessly blinded by their own feelings and ego, but they are relentless in their pursuit to victory.

4. They have strategic GRIT

Leaders show super human courage and strength during times that others wane and whine.
Their super power could be labeled that similar to extreme prudence. They have the discipline to govern themselves while wielding the wisdom to keep their eyes forward into the future.
While the leaders look into the future that they have the power to change, the mediocre are stuck reliving the past to which their lack of discipline allows them to be victimized by.

5. They know they must master their thinking and self-talk

Modern leaders are well aware of the dangers of the internet. They know how addictive being accepted and applauded by the masses can be.
They also are well aware of the trapping of trolls roaming the internet sector. Yet, they are able to pursue their causes in spite of what the world may think about them and their pursuit.
In order to lead oneself and others to a brighter tomorrow, leaders understand that how they think and thus speak to themselves is of crucial importance when it comes to their performance and thus others’ perception of them.

6. They are always in the learning mode

If leadership cannot be taught and must be learned by DOING, how else can one become a leader unless they are in the “learning mode?” 
The learning mode isn’t spoken of much in the leadership space because those attempting to teach it feel as though they have it all figured out. Yet, their pocket books are dependent on you (the student) never quite figuring it out and thus relying on them for more recipes.
Modern leaders know that the only measure of performance, is performance itself. And that requires measuring the outcomes and consequences of their choices and basing future choices on previous consequences.
This requires approaching each and every problem and conversation as an opportunity to learn what might be effective in the future.

7. They do NOT have a “job"

Although they may be “employed” by another company or business owner, modern day leaders do not feel as though they are waking up each and every day to head to a job.
They are instead playing a “role” in a much bigger picture. 
They approach their role very seriously, knowing that the success of the company is contingent upon their performance of it.
If it weren’t, then the company could simply replace their "task list” checking with a warm body or a robot.
Leaders are driven by a powerful external necessity or internal drive that is more powerful than any other pop culture “motivational” tactic. 
Leaders understand that the more hurdles they can overcome and the more competent they can become tomorrow than they were today, the “happier” they will inevitably be.
Their passion and purpose drive them harder and with more vigor than any drug or caramel macchiato ever could.

8. They actually believe in their future even when no one else does

And finally, leaders have the ability to not only forecast and predict their future, but they can tell such a passionate story about it that others become seduced to undertake the journey with them.
Any manager can believe what might be best for the organization, but only the most effective leaders can tell a intriguing and gripping story that pulls others to greener pastures.

We believe that good leadership is imperative for business success, and strive to put our best foot forward for not only our employees, but our clients as well.  
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